Aroma Tree

The reserve and protected populations of evergreen relicts: strawberry tree and juniper; meet veteran of more than 250 years of age. All in all, reserve – some 500 species, 28 of them are listed as endangered. Picture of a charming nature is supplemented living here rare species of animals: white-tailed eagle, horseshoe, leopard runner and others. Tracts Batiliman and Balaclava on lands of Sevastopol – already full Southshore. These areas are called the Crimean Africa for dry climate, heat and protection from winds. Rock chaos in the water look quite dangerous, but a storm is very rare, and the water between rocks pure and full of life: the picturesque algae hide mussels, crabs scurry and fish.

On the slopes of the mountains climbing evergreen trees, many of which age is approaching millennial. Aroma Tree juniper and vibration of cicadas fill this lost world, separated from civilization by sheer cliffs nearly km altitude. Inkerman City of Sevastopol on the land that gave the name of the building and facing material: Inkerman stone – a dense white limestone. Extracted it from time immemorial, so the surrounding rocks are penetrated catacombs. Used them for military purposes, for hospitals and monastic cells. Ideal underground labyrinths to excerpts of famous brand Inkerman dry wines.

Inkerman cave monastery is located on the right bank of the river at its confluence with the Black in North Bay in the vicinity of Sevastopol. Founded in VIII-IX Ages monks ikonopochitatelyami who had fled from the Byzantine iconoclastic persecution, it consisted of several churches and residential and business complex of caves. They are all connected to each other carved into the rock and moves located on the cliff fortress Calamita. Entrance to the monastery was set up by the church under a rock, a long corridor ended in a small room with stone benches, which led to the church of Clement.