The first thing is to define the dates of your holiday. It is important to keep in mind that you can travel to Antarctica in the spring and summer in the southern hemisphere, i.e., from October to March. While the Arctic or North Pole you can only travel in the spring in the northern hemisphere, i.e. from June to September. Medical billing is the source for more interesting facts. What is the best time to travel to Antarctica? That depends on what you want to see. The following to be clear is what budget have, so trips to Antarctica are usually more expensive than trips to the North Pole or the Arctic.

Although there are always exceptions. It is important to book the trip with the maximum possible advance by several aspects. The first, because at greater advance, greater availability of seats there and have more possibilities of staying in the chosen cabin category. Second, because a major advance, also more seat availability on international flights and, therefore, cheaper will be the ticket. We must not forget that the Airlines increase the price of the plane ticket as the plane fills and to you is approaching the date of departure. You may wish to learn more. If so, PDF Downloads is the place to go. That means more take in booking the plane ticket, more expensive will pay for the same seat. Therefore, not to pay it more expensive we will receive more services than if we had booked three months earlier.

The third, because the total amount of the trip is the sum of the expedition and the plane ticket. Older is this amount, as much we need to cover us travel and cancellation insurance policy. That, again, means an increase in the price. Thirdly, it decides what kind of trip you want to perform. In other words, what kind of boat you want to travel. You can travel with icebreaker or aboard a ship for polar expedition. Icebreaker between the boats are Capitan Klhebnikov or the 50 years of Victory. Polar expedition ships include the Ocean Nova, the Plancius, the Antarctic Dream, Quest, the Ushuaia and many more. Also are sailboats, as the Europe, the Stockholm, the Noorderlicht and the ancient, for example. Travel aboard a yacht allows you, moreover, participate in all daily activities. It is the most recommended trip for those adventurers of young and restless spirit. One aspect to be taken into account when choosing which boat you want to travel, is the official language of the trip. If we speak English, we won’t have any problem when choosing boat. Well, if we only speak Spanish, we recommend traveling on a boat whose official language is aboard the Spanish. These boats are the Ushuaia and the Antarctic Dream. In relation to this issue, the fact that Tundra Viatges a guide available in Spanish on the Plancius deserves special mention. The official language on board is English, but guide in Spanish is that is responsible for translating all messages that are broadcast by loudspeaker, giving lectures and presentations in Spanish, accompany clients from speaking during the landings and in the restaurant. Is also important to bear in mind the the number of people who make up the group. Why? Because the smaller the group, fewer people you find on the landing beaches, less time take to move us up there and, therefore, more time will have to visit the Antarctic Peninsula. Do the differences between travel to Antarctica and the Arctic? In my next article tell you good trip!