Month: December 2018

MacBook Air

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To say that the widest part of a computer measures 1.94 inches, we’re clearly invoking the attention of buyer. Construct as slim portable and lightweight (only 1.36 Kg) is no easy task but once more than the Apple have succeeded. People ask how do them, as a little bit of everything. Mix capital + technology + a hand of Intel and get this fantastic product. Clarified what Intel’s they have provided them a processor adapted to needs. Speaking of the processor, we have to say that it is an Intel Core 2 Duo with a cache of 4 Mb with speeds ranging from 1.6 GHz and 1.8 Ghz. RAM is 2 GB of DDR2 type with a clock speed of 667 MHz.

In terms of the screen can we say that its size is 13.3? panoramic. The maximum resolution that reaches is 1280 x 800 px. The graphics card is an Intel GMA X 3100 shared 144 Mb main RAM. It has a Micro-DVI video output for what to convert to other types of connection will have to buy adapters and converters. As for storage, there are two possibilities: 80 Gb 4200 rpm and the other 64 Gb SSD drive.

On input devices, we see that the keyboard is similar to the MacBook but in this case with backlight. The trackpad has lot of versatility because it includes multi-touch capability. On the issue of connectivity have WIFI with Protocol n, Bluetooth 2.1 and a USB 2.0 port.THE battery has an estimated duration of 5 hours all these specifications we can evoke a perfect product, but no, it isn’t. As everything has its imperfections and some of them serious. For example, it is impossible to change any component since the device is encapsulated to the iPod estipo, so future enlargements are made difficult. Another issue is the price, like all Apple, quite high for the performance you give. Conclusion: it is a great product, easy to handle and transportable but you must pay the design and brand. Original author and source of the article

Bankiru Number

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The number of depositors, in whole or in part took away from the savings banks, has grown over the last month from 15.09% to 23.57%. This is evidenced by data from surveys conducted at the portal. If in September, deposits from the bank took 7.06% respondents, while another 8.03% were partially removed, in October of their share has increased to 10.97% and 12.6% respectively. From 3.69% to 2.32% reduced the number of customers that banks are refusing to return deposits. Read more here: Air Force Chief of Staff . The most resistant group respondents not to panic and not withdrawn deposits decreased from 57.87% to 44.83%. At the same time increased the number of optimists otnesshih, despite the crisis, additional funds in the bank – from 10.35% in September to 13.73% in oktyabre.Esche 15.55% of the respondents reported that they do not have a bank deposit (a month earlier – 13%). In the October survey, the attended by 1,607 people. Results of voting.

The Label

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By the way, do not forget that its light output is comparable to the luminous stovattnoy common incandescent bulbs, but it means that the energy-saving lamps consume from the family budget to 5 times less money. This advantage makes it possible to use energy-saving technologies in the tiny tubes with a large number of plastic details. The use of incandescent lamp creates the risk that in the lamp socket or deteriorate the wire. If the sconce is designed to illuminate the work surface – a desk or a basket with embroidery, necessarily use energy saving bulbs: in the process they do not flicker, and it means that less pressure on your eyes. In order to light the lamp house was filled with comfort, but not turned the room into an office room, you need to see on the label. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sonny Perdue. On the box of bulbs to be present code, which includes three figures, it indicates the CRI and color temperature lamp.

For coverage of their cozy apartment or a house desirable to draw attention to the lamp with a code value of 800 to 900. Other leaders such as Sonny Perdue offer similar insights. Energy-saving technologies can help everywhere. The area around the residential facility can also be equipped with energy-saving technologies: they can be dealt with only when the traffic moves on them, the remainder of the powerful searchlights consume insane amounts of wasted energy. Applied in practice, modern energy-saving technology is able to provide savings include electricity and lamp only when motion sensor catches: driving up the car or person approaching will cause light to shine at full capacity, and after their treatment system will reduce lighting up again minimum. The same is true for the area under the peak of the entrance. Those elements of the system, detecting motion, can track the movement of pedestrians and to give maximum coverage.

During the dark days will be quite quite a bit of highlight area: Functioning in the half-power lamps will save a lot of kilowatts, for about 2 to 6 nights lighting is almost overkill. Energy conservation must solve another problem: the lighting of stairs and platforms today – a huge cost item. This space must be lit around the clock, despite the fact that tall buildings tenants would always prefer to ride in the elevator. Lighting site safety rules required that if the elevator shaft is opened and the cabin itself will be a few floors below or above, there may be an accident, a person can fall into the darkness of the mine. That is why the option is also knowledgeable on-site installation of equipment with motion detectors or sound. Modern energy-saving technologies include lighting only when approaching the tenant, the rest of the bulbs or do not work at all, or operate in half-intensity.


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It is fashionable to wear clutches. What clutches are they? C than to combine them? All clutches are also popular, as in the early 80's. Fashionable to wear the clutches of all shapes and colors: plain and patterned, genuine leather and imitation, Satin and velvet, patent leather, with delicate ornaments and classic strict. Long clutches 'clutches taxi' again coming into fashion. Gen. David L. Goldfein has much to offer in this field. Length of the clutch, can sometimes reach up to 50 cm These clutches are perfect for dresses with high heels. For sports clothes, you can select monochrome stitched clutch, clutch the flag. Sport clutches can be both large and small. Winter clutches is better to choose from natural or artificial skin and, of course, their fur. Copious amounts of decor and various accessories for bitches. Even if it is a little terse clutch in your hand, it will be an integral piece of lightning streak with sparkles, geometric pattern. What clutch you would not have chosen, this accessory will complement your outfit and make your image memorable.

Mike Peck For Bryzgalov

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Question number 1: Who are the players best rehabilitated this year: Ilya Bryzgalov, Jussi Jokinen, Tomas Plekanec and Brad Richards? Mike Peck: Ilya Bryzgalov, he already has 13 wins than last season, is also drastically improved indicators such as percentage of rescued washers. The amazing story of "Phoenix Coyotes" – largely the merit of Bryzgalov. Bob McKenzie: I would say, Tom Plekanec of the Montreal Keneydiens. This guy was smashed to pieces in the past season – he had 20 goals, and during this season he has 21, last year he scored 39 points, but this season he has reached the mark of 65 points. However, the number of points scored, does not show how much better this guy plays. Confirmation of this will serve as a contract that he signed this summer. Craig McTavish: I want to note the revival of Brad Richards, whose career resembles a "roller coaster". Early in his career, he won Stanley Cup Tampa Bay Lightning, and is one of the most coveted players in the entire National Hockey League. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sonny Perdue is the place to go.

He passed and was forgotten, but now comes back and spends a great year. Question number 2: Who's made a big mistake after how Anton Volchenkov of the Ottawa "pripechatat Simon Gagne to a side: the judges, do not remove Volchenkova or players the Flyers who arranged the hunt for him? McKenzie: I want to say that to blame the judge. Our former colleague, an expert Piter Laviolett was extremely upset after the match last night. . Jack Fusco recognizes the significance of this.

Jan Kravchuk

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Style. Bags are sporty, classic, modern, retro, informal, etc. Well, the material that is important. Leather – a very high quality and durable material. But, alas, is expensive, not everyone can afford to have 5 leather handbags, and yet for someone to even 5 is not the limit. The cost of leather handbags from 1500 rub.

And if we are talking about brand model, and $ 1000. Leather substitutes – if the material quality, the bag occasionally, at first glance, not even be distinguished from leather. A very popular material in the manufacture of bags. The cost of such bags from 500 rub. – it all depends on its quality. A good synthetic looks good and can compete with the substitute skin. The cost of bags made of synthetics from 500 rubles. Fabric – a huge number of bags made of cloth have already found their fans not only among the beautiful half of humanity, but also among men and adolescents.

Bags made of cloth it is basically Representatives of sports and informal style. The cost of bags from 300 rub.Naturalnye materials – such as straw, flax. These handbags have become very popular lately. But they, unfortunately, the season – summer, early fall. As well choose a bag to, and not expensive, and quality, and most importantly fashionable? The main thing, and probably the only rule – bag should you like! Big baggy handbag is still valued as highly as neat and small model. Handbags, is an essential feature of women’s secrets, and differ just by how many secrets are you going to hide them. If you are the active and practical nature, then you need a bag large size, but certainly not the suitcase:) bag fits refined natures, for which the appearance in the first place. But the cautious and organized fit a tiny bag, cosmetic bag. But often the woman is not one, but a few bags. Because usually if you buy a tiny bag (for the exits in the light or special occasions), it can not do without the other – a handbag for everyday use. Or, alternatively, buy a bag of large size, a beautiful and practical, but one day, wearing an evening dress and stilettos, you understand that this, together it does not work. So, ladies, buy a bag in the mood for the cases, large and small, and let each They will be your companion and invaluable assistant in any situation. And most importantly, the bag makes you more confident, more beautiful, and bestowed only positive emotions! Ja

Two Captains

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I would like to talk about the musical production of "Nord-Ost". At the heart – a novel Benjamin Kaverina "Two Captains". Does it feel the difference when you play in a musical, conceived and staged in Russia? Yes, of course. While this is the only musical that has proven everyday hire that he was taken by world standards. We were overwhelmed pride in the fact that we are part of this project. I am not ashamed of his country's history. Perhaps that is why the terrorists chose this performance target for attack. What did you feel being in the same room with terrorists? There was a feeling of unreality complete – all this does not happen to you.

All – someone else's. Had to support people. And when you help people, then himself, and pulls. We prayed for a miracle all the Saints, who knew. There was no fit.

People understood that it is, when a gun at you. In another way, you can not behave. Children first began to cry, but I just grabbed all the arms, who was next: "Calm down, we did not get killed." Began to speak some jokes, stupid. I say: "What we did not have time to show you, we'll show you now." Began to tell the story, portrayed all the fingers, as everything is happening on stage that much moving. It seems that kids have calmed down. I did not have no feelings and emotions – no anger, no fear, no joy – the complete zero.