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Two Captains

Published / by Syd

I would like to talk about the musical production of "Nord-Ost". At the heart – a novel Benjamin Kaverina "Two Captains". Does it feel the difference when you play in a musical, conceived and staged in Russia? Yes, of course. While this is the only musical that has proven everyday hire that he was taken by world standards. We were overwhelmed pride in the fact that we are part of this project. I am not ashamed of his country's history. Perhaps that is why the terrorists chose this performance target for attack. What did you feel being in the same room with terrorists? There was a feeling of unreality complete – all this does not happen to you.

All – someone else's. Had to support people. And when you help people, then himself, and pulls. We prayed for a miracle all the Saints, who knew. There was no fit.

People understood that it is, when a gun at you. In another way, you can not behave. Children first began to cry, but I just grabbed all the arms, who was next: "Calm down, we did not get killed." Began to speak some jokes, stupid. I say: "What we did not have time to show you, we'll show you now." Began to tell the story, portrayed all the fingers, as everything is happening on stage that much moving. It seems that kids have calmed down. I did not have no feelings and emotions – no anger, no fear, no joy – the complete zero.