Month: April 2013

Rest In Paradise – Maldives

Published / by Syd

And you know what most excellent way to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life – quickly gather their bags and leave for an interesting trip? But where? For a trip to Turkey and the usual Arab Republic of Egypt, the winter – not the most a good time, besides not enough hunting to share your own holiday with countless compatriots. To forget all the difficulties and get the incomparable pleasure of traveling, it is important to completely exclusive, special place. One of these fabulous places on our planet is astounding the Republic of Maldives. Maldives has long been known – is more than a thousand islands, half of those who – are uninhabited. Here summer reigns yielding year-round water temperature – 24-27 C, temperature – 25-30 S.

Travelers meet wonderful paint located around nature – as white as snow sand, blue sky, crystal clear Indian Ocean. Holidays in the Maldives Islands can not be forgotten, and those who were here one day, dreams of falling back into a true paradise on earth … In the Maldives, in most cases, on an island located just a comfortable hotel. In all of this travelers most likely to sit in a bungalow on stilts right on the water, not only in luxury bungalows on the island. Only here you can follow the multicolored coral fish through the transparent floor cozy bedrooms. Each reef is surrounded by a coral atoll, in consequence of this can not be afraid of powerful waves.

Volleyball Championship

Published / by Syd

In the era that we are, it is possible that most of the tourists are already planning to spend your vacation, what will be the tourist destination where they are going to enjoy the heat of the summer and to spend most of the time bathing in its beaches. Well, if you don’t want to get tired of being all the days of your holidays seeing the same scenery, the best choice is Alcoceber, a tourist destination where you can enjoy different types of beach without having to leave the municipality. Alcoceber is a municipality located in the town of Alcala de Xivert, located 50 km from the capital of Castellon. Characterized, as opposed to other coastal towns, being a destination of tourism of Sun and beach, quiet and urbanized sentences, which is an attraction for tourists looking to spend their holidays with family and tranquility in apartments in Alcoceber, without having to get up early to find a good place where planting the sunshades on the beach and without having to step on others towels to get to yours. Throughout its 10 km of Coast, you can find different beaches and coves virgins to enjoy nature, all of them equipped with the instinctive blue flag and regulated by the ISO rules, which makes it even more interesting the visit to these beaches and the search for apartments at the Costa Azahar. All of them are equipped with towers rescue, showers and gangways, Furthermore, RSU containers and selective garbage collection, perfect for the kids since they also have children’s recreational areas. The Carregador beach is the broadest of alcoceber, and boasts dunes of high ecological value. In the summer time gymnastics of maintenance activities are organized for adults, volleyball championships and children’s activities.

The same happens in the beach of sources, where is organized a night Volleyball Championship and another 3 3 basketball. On this beach, you can also find a natural formation of a high ecological value such as fountains or springs, giving the name to the beach, which arise in it. Another example of beach that accounts with natural formations with high ecological value is the Playa del Moro, the Roman Beach and the Serradal beach. With respect to the unspoiled coves that can be found in Alcoceber, are as follows: Ribamar Cala, Cala Mundina, Cala Blanca, Cala 3 beaches. all of them with little influx of tourists and which must be respected by his almost non-existent. In addition, found in zone mediambiental of the Sierra de Irta, a unique and different space located at the Costa Azahar. Enjoy a perfect vacation with your family? You want direct contact with nature while taking the Sun on the beach would like to entertain you doing some of the activities offered by this municipality?

Travel Officer

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Year 2009, Seville. Holy week is expected somehow by the influx of tourists brought to the city, quite a few jobs are created, on the other hand, the brethren are anxious to leave your Guild to the street, something that have been preparing for an entire year. Year 1595, Seville. There is quite a stir in the city, the Inquisition prepares an auto de fe, one more, this attracts people from the surrounding villages, brotherhoods of different trades have already designated representatives to iran along with Bishops and inquisitors to make the tour until the quemadero located in the Prado de San Sebastian. Year 2009, Seville. City Hall every year facilitates the different brotherhoods one-way free of vehicles and obstacles until the official race, cut the center of the city, which covers the route from Campana, calle Sierpes, calle Placentines, bread, plaza San Francisco square and Avenue of the Constitution until the Cathedral, (this is the official route which must necessarily perform all the brotherhoods) prolongation of the Constitution Avenue leads to the Prado de San Sebastian.

Seville is a chaos to circulate and parking throughout the year except during the months of July and August. Year 1595, Seville. The city authorities have facilitated Sheriffs to the Holy Office so they can carry to the plaza de san Francisco (locatd behind the Town Hall) the auto de fe chaired by the Cardinal of Sevilla and directed by the Inquisitor appointed by the Church of Rome and sponsored and protected by the monarchy which ran the moment. There are condemned to the unfortunate that had fallen into the hands of the Inquisition, then in procession along with other inmates the motorcade was heading to the Prado de San Sebastian, where those who were not burned at the stake were forced to witness such macabre feast for so purify your soul as they watched as they burned even her husband or wife and/or children of their own. Year 2009, Seville.

The authorities have adorned all official travel with garlands, flowers and banners for the passage of the brotherhoods, the brethren are happy, finally the expected day. The passage of the different brotherhoods heard someone asking what step is that?. At the end doesn’t matter, is one brotherhood, and cries of excitement. Year 1595, Seville. Authorities have adorned with banners across the plaza de San Francisco, chairs have been placed for the authorities that comes from outside and the city, the inmates step someone asks who they are, what else gives?, Protestant, Jewish or Muslim. In the end people forget them, one less us should rejoice. Today day has changed a lot, I wanted to make a parallelism, today no longer has the devotion that the guilds had 30 years ago, am from Seville, I was Catholic, enthusiastic me Holy week, from about 30 years ago, I’m what is known as Protestant (Evangelical Christian), today I don’t want to forget the Jews, Protestants, Gypsies, Muslims and even Catholics who died in the hands of the Inquisition by the mere fact of not embrace a faith that not believed, or envy, or as in the case of the Jewish, because it was the easiest way of enriching a few empty coffers by the vanity of their priests, bishops and Cardinals. they killed someone in a Jewish family and then expelled to others, but not before making donate to the Church all their possessions and riches.