I’ve derived a time following sentence: only a single component of the given situation is replaced (man, woman, kind of response), the course can be completely different! If so, man A woman has A slogan A success, he must have success even with saying A also for Mrs B! And just as this is true for the other components also. What happens you now perhaps only logically, however, is part of our faith, that there would be as certain techniques, tricks and spells, with which one could – always seduce a woman no, it isn’t explicitly! Now perhaps you’ll argue: “Yes well – never there but a hundred percent certainty, and all names are but eh only abstract – woman would have A just cannot be good B wife and thus your theory is actually totally useless?” Whether something is useful or useless, you can’t decide now; stands but that that cannot be expected for me, a seduction, one has “read” somewhere or seen as successfully to pay for, if you just copy them. That’s why I think so little of “Flirting sayings”, looking down or pick up somewhere. I think much more that it helps if you put your own personal VerfuhrStil to you. How I can learn 20 steps to teach you => seduction. All the best for your personal seduction! Pierre vote student philosophy is to detach themselves from the prefabricated materials and techniques and to bring the own VerfuhrStil in each man and to develop; even more: He wants to separate itself from the “jargon”, questions terms such as “Game” and focuses on a holistic development. With its products “Girl talk to” and “Seducers are” he has since mid-2010 online.