United States Army

People already depleted, there is a group of starvation deaths. " The war – the constant hard work. The soldiers dug up millions of tons of earth, usually small sapper shovel! Slightly shifted position – dig again; of respite on the battlefield can not be considered. Does any army of the dream on the go? And here it was common sight on the march. In the United States Army is a bizarre type of loss – 'in battle fatigue. " When landing in Normandy (June 1944) it was 20 per cent of the total number of departures from the battle. In general during World War II U.S.

losses due to 'Fatigue' were 929 307 people! Soviet troops stayed in combat formations to death or injury (sometimes a change of units, but only because of large losses or considerations of tactics). We had the war not to rest. Strike German war machine could withstand only force in the world – our army! And our exhausted, sleeping on the march, if need be eaten horse soldiers peremogli well equipped with skilled enemy! For our people, victorious in the most terrible war in human history, freedom and independence of their country were the most important. For her sake, at the front and rear, people sacrificed themselves. Sacrificed, and therefore won. According to various estimates the number of Soviet soldiers in German captivity in 1941-1945. ranged from 4.559 million to 5.735 million people. The numbers really huge, but the objective reasons for the mass trapping of people a lot.