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Turkey: Enchanted tufa Cappadocia of Turks, Persians, Romans and Greeks are pulled through Asia minor and have European modern traces in the East as in the West. In the long history of Turkey finally emerged a very colourful melting pot of various cultures and religions. But Turkey has to offer more highlights alongside the blue Riviera and incredible cultural diversity. Away from the well-known tourist paths, only a good day’s ride away from Antalya, the stone landscape of Cappadocia opens up the travellers. Rock castles made of Tuff stone hundreds of cave churches, fantastic rock formations, porcini mushrooms and magical fairy chimneys alternate with green valleys and impressive canyons. Light and shadow do you rest to enchant the visitors. Multi-storey and underground cities were built only about four centuries after Christ’s death in one of Europe’s most bizarre landscapes. carries out the hiking – and nature-loving travellers on easy to demanding routes the fascinating Moon landscapes of Cappadocia to Byzantine basilicas and in underground labyrinths. A very special highlight is certainly a balloon ride in the early hours of the morning on the tufa landscape of Cappadocia. Heart let’s the journey No. 1006 therefore the herewith Traveller: hiking in Cappadocia: travel details/Wandern_in_Kappadokien_1006.php more different Turkey travel find under: travel / tuerkei_reisen.php current news is now available also on AST is online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified.