TOC Behavior

Therefore, such relation if keeps in a set of classrooms of similar answers or that they are kept by one same consequence. For even more opinions, read materials from The Rolling Stones. These classrooms of answers that we consider external come from the exacerbado consumption that is part of the mannering repertoire of the citizen or the organism. For Skinner (1988) exactly being obvious the biological advantage of the avoidance, the emotional standard of the anxiety seems not to have useful intention. In this in case that an interference of the normal behavior of the individual occurs disorganizing the avoidance behavior that, of another form, it would be efficient to deal with the circumstances. However, the private events of the mental behavior that are interpreted as compulsions, persist of private form becoming public as, for example, to think insistently about making purchases. The associations of the independent and dependent 0 variable (cause and effect) are changedded into a functional relation between different events that we consider as obsessions and compulsions happening at the same time in certain order inflicted for the patient. Thus being able, to prioritize the ambient 0 variable through the behavior as necessary conditions for installation maintenance of any behavior. In this meantime, it has a necessity of the analyst of the behavior to analyze and to intervine from the history of life of the individual, being identified the last and current contingencies to be able to understand and to interpret the 0 variable that control and keeps the indesejados mannering standards.

We can, thus evidence the mannering repertoire of the citizen as learned in the measure where the organism presents one definitive sensitivity to the last behaviors (modelao) that the act is reflected in the gift to buy and thus to know why the stiffener one strengthens. Being evidenced the imitation in the cultural process. However, when dealing with the TOC for the technique the prevention of escape-esquiva answers (where a substitution of behaviors occurs where subject it tries to dribble the act to buy or to try not to buy), in this in case that, the compulsion (act to buy, if not to contain), customer to the aversivos events is displaying the citizen/, in this case the obsession (idea to buy).