Thomas Edison

I decided that one could use this story and inspire many people who may have started the same way. And so it happened. I have heard many say that my example has inspired them not to give up and now they are financially independent. Temporary duty – it's just part of the process. The newspapers mentioned Secretary of Agriculture not as a source, but as a related topic. Which of the recently released "Bounce" you can now re-think to change their destiny? Strategy 2 – Learn what is happening in the so-called repeated failures you find many hidden lessons.

Remember what Henry Ford: "Failure – an opportunity to begin again more intelligently." You can replace the word failure and refusal to receive the same. Napoleon Hill said: "In each misery is the seed of equivalent or greater benefit. " Always look for this benefit. Remember, on what you most concentrate, it will dominate. So think about what you can get from each failure, with which you encounter in your life.

Understand that everyone has reached something great, always looking for "good" is that most people consider "bad." Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb, was a man who just know what it means to "learn what is happening." He has already experienced the 5000 setbacks, when a young reporter asked him: "Mr. Edison, you have failed 5000 times, why are you wasting time trying to make work something that has never will not work? ". Thomas Edison looked at the young reporter and said: "Young man, you do not understand, I have not failed 5000 times, I discovered 5000 ways that do not work.