The Two

Now, using the tools of the inner world, unconventional sound for the hemisphere, we will capture the largest possible amount of cosmic energy. Imagine the whole sky is bright white, white is so bright that we can not look at first sight as we burn. We close our eyes and mentally visualize each one that goes down a lot of energy, which we were imbued with bright white. From the tip of the hairs of your head to the soles of feet we have the bright white color that represents power, energy charge. Feel that all this energy inside, which penetrated every cell, each cell nucleus and transformed into fuel for our life experiences. Go to A. F. Chief of Staff for more information. In principle it is energy input was moving-slowly-cells and that now, vibrate, bringing a sense of extreme heat. Compatible with the heat, hold in the heat, do not move their bodies, let all power is in and that heat is a nice feeling, pleasant, even fullness. That is, at present feel, perceive, register that are full of energy.

Loaded with a full tank of fuel, will make their life experiences during the period of 28 days. Avoid downloading in the early days, because excessive heat is uncomfortable or because they feel fat, heavy, full. Learn to manage this energy load for the entire period of the lunar month. Stay a while accommodating this new sense of energy, influencing the bodily sensation. Slowly, with softness and serenity, are moving their bodies, indicating the two hemisphere who will be returning to the concrete world of reality with all that was absorbed in the imaginary world of sensitivity.