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Also for the children is not on dentistry but the teeth are you just pulled, often without anesthesia. The children and adults are traumatized, scared before a dental examination. Toothlessness has apart from quite a variety of health consequences, the stigma of poverty that adheres to bad or missing teeth. The food may not be chewed and therefore is less utilized by the body. Lack of dental health can lead to numerous infections. The South African health system is overwhelmed.

Too many challenges such as HIV, tuberculosis and malnutrition are to deal with. The aid that has been done, went far beyond the dental use. The KU64 team which specialises in anxiety patients took their fears the traumatized children and dental treatment has been a positive experience. Also the local dentist has benefited from the Berlin colleagues who shared their knowledge with him and bringing him many ideas and suggestions for improvement. With the relief effort was a valuable contribution to the Health of children by Paternoster provided. It was quickly clear all involved, that this only a first step could be the assistance should continue and the relief effort will soon be repeated! Both the laureate, as also KU64 sustainability seeking Foundation and want to develop this project. Numerous partners from KU64 and supporters of the laureate Foundation have made an important contribution to this project: including aliud Pharma, blend-a-med research, GABA, GUM-Butler, Hartmann, Henry dental Depot, MIP GmbH, Smileprophys prophylaxis shop, smile design dental laboratory, VOCO GmbH, 3 M ESPE, as well as the shipping company of Sologistics, South African Airways cargo Germany, Execumove in Cape Town and la Baleine PATERNOSTER. Property and money donations flow without any deductions directly in the project.

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