The Skin

These adhesive templates also suitable templates for Hamilton. The tattoo ink required is available in specialist shops. “And since the Glitzertattoos as well as the real” tattoos on more like “make, will perpetuate the friends of Bodypainting soon own characters without templates on the skin and as large. About the Tattookleber more info to do this on so the Glitterspane keep for a long time and also particularly sensitive skin is not irritated, a special adhesive is required. This is made from water-based and is suitable even for sensitive skin types. A vial 7 ml enough for over 40 tattoos. Even a small shower can have nothing to your glitter tattoo. And would try to remove your Bodypainting created to or replace with a different Glitterbild, then to the Distance only an essential oil.

How of the creation of Glitzertattoo is first cleaned the selected skin area with an alcohol wipe. Then the Tattooschablone is evenly pressed on and then removed their colorless film layer. Especially along the inner edges are secured. Now you rub over the entire surface the Interior of the template with the skin adhesive. A small brush is integrated in the lid of the vial.

If after 5 minutes the applied adhesive transparent has turns, the glitter powder using a separate brush can be dabbed on. Here you can combine several shades. At the end are the edges off painted neatly and the new body jewelry is finished. At the Tattooerstellung, you will have great fun with your friends or with the kids. Therefore it suited, for example, as a deposit for a children’s birthday, where the little girls and boys are quite awhile and remember a little souvenir with home take. Try it out! How to create a glitter tattoos: 1 after removing the white film is the black mask to the skin with an alcohol wipe clean pasted. After the colorless film layer must be removed carefully. Once again firmly press in particular the inner edges of the template. 2. spread a thin layer of skin-friendly special adhesive on the surface of the future Glimmertattoos and then pull off the stencil carefully. 3. If the skin adhesive has turned all transparent, the glitter powder in the shade of your choice with a brush is dabbed on. 4. then should the excess color from be painted neatly. Now you can showcase all of your new body jewelry. Already finished! This impressive Glitzertattoos hold about 5 to 10 days. This is dependent on the load and the skin type. Because this luxurious Korperdeko is smudge – and water-resistant, you can shower safely so.