The Results

Identify a constraint means that we already have some appreciation of the magnitude of its impact on overall performance. Otherwise, we would also have some trivia in the restrictions list. Inside the company has several candidates to be constraint and fortunately, more possibilities of intervention: from a machine that is damaged or is used frequently or the parties demand that manufactures the machine is greater than its capacity, a person who supports excessive workload, a sales department which do not get enough orders for the company’s potential ability, or a production department which fails to shorten deadlines or increase the level of quality or a processing Department data that offers the results too late to take decisions, etc.. To identify internal resources as a constraint, the only thing we have to do is calculate a resource, in a given horizon profile, and choose the resource that has the greatest burden. EXPLOIT the constraint of the system.

Explode simply means extract the most juice possible. Once identified a restriction or a neck of bottle and without investing money in modify their capacity, unless the replacement of the resource constraint is very economical, we can exploit it to make improvements as for example make use 100% of the time available, since it determines the pace of plant production as a constraint, or change the combination of products or works that pass through the restriction, so reduce the time thereof in the constraint, or making preventive quality inspection immediately before the restriction, so this don’t waste time with defective products that later will be rejected, or reducing the size of the batch to be processed. This is to give some examples in production. If the restrictions provided that restrictions need to consume, the previous decision will remain on paper, dead letter which will be never realized. SUBORDINATE everything else to the previous decision.