The Reasons

Was able to convince only after saying that he'll do everything himself. Sam will order and decorated themselves, the treaty itself on delivery, if there will be problems with customs house itself will decide everything, good sixteen years experience working with Customs available. Ordered (though a trifle strange had to wait a week), paid for, designed, and all this without taking into account the expectations of the trinkets for 3 weeks. Yes, shipping costs saved $ 35, both in general and others. Michelin Star Restaurant has much to offer in this field. This story happened on 3 years ago, since then much water has flown two of the three hooked on online shopping shtatovskih pretty tight, but one insists that all this hype and all of our successful buying nothing more than a coincidence, and that soon time we know it.

Or card number is stolen, or defective merchandise slipped, or even what a disaster happens. In general, our stubborn Lesch. So if you're not stubborn as Lesch, open to globalization, are ready to experiment, let's start to disassemble the reasons for which we are not ready to make purchases from online stores. 1. Causes of subjective – custom, ignorance, sloth, dire rumors, no credit cards, do not speak, I not store well Other scammers, I'm going to tell your credit card number.

2.Prichiny objective – to me this product does not need, I generally do not need anything. Forms of payment. With the objective reasons can not be helped, then, they are objective. But with subjective factors can fight and even necessary.