The Japanese

Features of note glass (0.3) of beer, which was brought to the roll, and a coupon for a hookah. Very 'original' with the shisha, of course, but oh well though! Restaurant, coffee shop, sushi Sushka I have to say – there was one time! It was enough … Kitchen: The kitchen is positioned fairly common themselves almost luminaries "sushi industry" Chelyabinsk. It is with some joy? No surprise. Absolutely. Staff: Who are these people that like as designed to please customers, but they are the opposite! Still trying to understand – who "Ping"? Kitchen or waiters? Do you have a chef? .. Music downloads has firm opinions on the matter. Take at least one more …

interior, maybe it was once very fashionable, but now annoying. Price list: Above average and unfounded. Institution seems to have survived due to constant customers walking in and lost Kirovka majors-teens. The Japanese restaurant is worth noting Asaba very stylish and interesting interior. Two-tier solution, solid furniture … from plus, perhaps, everything.

Like his older brother institution – "Ural dumplings" – sour about two years ago. Than it is now attracting customers, I do not knows, but that way a year ago to have been there and I really did not like. And not like the main thing! Cuisine: Have you ever read, what is "hot roll" … Beef with Mushrooms from Korea tray just killed … Staff: Nothing bad I can not say. Normal. Price list: Slightly above average, but with a discount card turns out okay. Japanese restaurant Fed samurai Cute and cheerful interior.