The Idea

While them away towards the mobile, I amused watching all the objects that had been in the store, from Cologne to babies up to chairs for all situations, for car, to walk, to go camping, high chairs had a whole wall full of chairs for the car perfectly classified by ages, colors, brands, just opposite had a collection of Add-ons for the bathroom, all types of bathtubs, changers, without exchangers, rotating, with drawers, rigid, flexible, bath toys, towels, bathrobes, bottles, pillows, vacuum flasks, travel accessories, baskets, mattresses, sheets, nursery bags, bibs, blankets, cooing, sleeping bags, walkers, hoppers. It was incredible, it had everything. I was still in my guess, when Elvira approached. Tito, mira mobile more beautiful we have found, the clerk showed me as if it were a Dali, looked to Elvira and saw that she was expecting my approval. -Superb, very good choice Elvira. Arriving at his house, Elvira entered shouting, Mama, mama we have gone to the CUC and have him bought a mobile from Roman, my sister looked at me and hugged to Elvira.

-Okay, now Roman is sleeping, but when you wake up, the two go to take it, do you think? -Vale. And it was giving Hornpipes. -Do as have left you convince? -Elvira is very convincing – well, I wanted you to give your email address because I have put baby list on their website, so problem solved. -No, give me the’ve seen something I’d like to give you. -Wow, not I will tell no, aim,, and also give you the code so that you can access the list from your home. When leaving I thought that it was the idea of the list very well by internet, in fact most of my stuff bought them so, could take me time that I would buy and above all on the schedule that I decided. Original author and source of the article.