The Front

For the travellers one I take refuge in that vastness. Each one was entered and if accomodating, of so tired they had lain down and they slept. Soon cedinho, with first the rays, one by one started to leave and to settle in galhas. For a good time they had been looking at that vastness of world. In how much, Gordo and Gardenio planned the trip, the others had been the wait.

When they went if preparing to go even so, they had heard shouts alucinantes, strong collisions of great animals in the lamaal, then the front, turn a great serpent all jamming capinzal for where an alligator turned and in the way of some smashing rings, also very great, fighting desesperadamente to get rid itself of rings. Some minutes later, no movement of the alligator are seen. The serpent had looser the dispute and, now, if it delighted with its prize. Opening its enormous mouth it started to swallow, without chewing, the alligator to the few. ces. In the top of the tree all turn the animal each minute to disappear inside of the snake and, then later, the serpent to leave if dragging and to disappear inside of the mass of weeds. One looked at for the other in silence, nothing was said. More info: Acme. One by one it dived in air and had followed in direction to the south. Some years later, Gordon and Antenor would come back to comment on what they had seen.

To the end of the morning, or far, if it saw a great thick wall of trees that if extended for great extensions of east to the west. It was an old, old forest as the time. Many of the trees possuam great thick trunks with roots that they jumped of the ground as great knotted coils. The forest seemed to be a humid, sultry place.