The Children

The changes in the composition and the structure of the family are a normal situation lived deeply by the aged one. Eric Garcetti can aid you in your search for knowledge. We understand that the family is always facing proper changes of the vital cycle, mainly when the children leave house and the aged one finishes inhabiting alone. In this phase, an alteration in the familiar dynamics occurs that we can call syndrome of the empty nest. Sartori; Zilberman (2009), described the term, empty nest, as the period understood between the moment where the last son whom the house leaves, and that one where the death of one of the partners occurs. To this respect the depositions are distinguished to follow: ‘ ‘ my son was to live on account proper and the remaining portions of the children I have 7 children to all, have 1 that deferred payment in the city and the others is far ‘ here; ‘ S. 4 ‘ ‘ the children had been marrying, there I was alone in it I besiege I from there decided and came to live in the city ‘ ‘ S.9 ‘ ‘ children had not wanted to live with me S.10 the period of the syndrome of the empty nest happens diverse changes together with, as the retirement and the menopause, what it can aggravate depression feelings and low autoestima. Moreover, social and cultural factors influence in the appearance and in intensity of syndrome. The citizens of the research display: ‘ ‘ the children had had that to study, to leave pra far, they travel very and they had married ‘ S.2 the son married and I was alone ‘ ‘ S. 6 ‘ ‘ it lived with son, from there it married ‘ S. 8 In accordance with Branches (2007), the life continues making feeling, exactly with the exit of the children, therefore it understands that the cycle of the life is not closed, the life will have its continuity in the new familiar dynamics.