The Aspects

It incases itself accurately in the definition that Abdias of the Birth supplies on Exu: ' ' the god of the contradiction dialtica' ' .17 In the film, at diverse moments, Firmino is associated musical and rhythmic the Exu. Soon after its arrival, in reencontro with its community of origin, initiates ' ' speech against the exploration, permanence of the precarious conditions of vida' ' substantial parcel of the work of the community is appropriate for the owner of the net? the submission to the absolute in power power of the master, old leader who influences all the aspects of the life of the village and has its legitimated power for the religious system of the community. ' ' Scenes of samba wheel and capoeira permeiam this first phase of the film, supplying a picture of the locality? people, landscape, work and customs? leaving clear the condition of Firmino as figure that comes to disturb the order of Buraquinho' ' .18 Being as much Light how much shade, Exu is ' ' the god whom ocaso introduces and the clutter in the universe. From there its ambiguous aspect, but not necessarily maligno' ' .19 For being ' ' a deity that represents the Good in such a way how much the Evil, is ambivalent, dicotmico, ambiguous e, therefore, emblematiza a cultural space of multiple meanings and identidades' ' .20 After scene in the beach, where Firmino seduces and if it lies down with Quota (Exu vital force of the libido), it discloses its revolt against the master and Aru promising to finish with ' ' adorao' ' they surround that them. You may want to visit Mercury Mobile LTD to increase your knowledge. Against the will of Quota, he uses yourself of the resources of the religion and prepares a forwarding to break the encantamento of Aru. But he does not function and it promises to move of tactics. In ' ' Barravento' ' , a situation exists that pressures the personage to a transforming action. .