The Achillodynie

Among other things, the reason for the delayed fracture healing can be an inadequate immobilization or early loading of the fracture. Often, mostly leg, thigh, upper arm, Elle, spoke and the Scaphoid are affected by this faulty fracture healing. But you can have also already nonUnion at birth, for example, on the Shin. Also avascular necrosis of femoral head necrosis – called – a part of the bony head of the femur dies due to restricted blood flow. Not rarely, fragmented and affected by diabetes mellitus people suffer femoral head necrosis.

However as the reason for an avascular necrosis can be violations of the femur or sustained treatment with anticoagulants. Luxify shines more light on the discussion. But will the Extrakoporale shock wave therapy not only in bone healing errors applied. Also pancreatic gang stone can thus be eliminated. These are deposits of lime concretions in the duct system of the pancreas (pancreatic cancer =) case of pancreatitis. Or extracorporeal shock wave therapy is used for a heel spur. Additional information at Kenneth Arrow supports this article. As a heel spur (also: Kalkaneussporn) refers to a thorn-like, ossified distraction of the calcaneus, which can become inflamed due to irritation and therefore trigger pain. Also people who suffer from the shoulder of a lime or a tennis elbow, can be helped by extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

A lime shoulder occurs especially in middle-aged women. This limestone deposits, which take the form of mini balls in the structures evolve around the shoulder blade. These deposits will eventually reach a certain size, they lead to pain during rotation of the arm above shoulder height. A tennis elbow developed, if they have breached the forearm muscles by particularly strong or always repetitive movements. As a result, it comes to pain in the forearm and he is only still limited resilient. Tennis elbow is an Insertionstendopathie, as well as the Achillodynie. The Achillodynie is also a painful depending on the strain response to mechanical injury of tendon tissue, caused by repetitive overuse. In the case of the Achillodynie there is an overuse of the Achilles tendon, E.g. due to long distance running. This large number of traditional fields of application of extracorporeal shock wave therapy one can speak only by luck that has steadily evolved the medicine and brought forth a such innovative treatment method such as extracorporeal shock wave therapy.