The Acceptance

Also happens with the acceptance is stop change people and that each one takes responsibility for his own and having its own positive or negative consequences. Stop control, stop of rescuing others, stop believing or think that things differently to what they are keeping us very busy of others, called, mother, father, child, couple, work. Also at times we do not accept that we are as we are. Instead, we rarely us, stumble us, we are victims and mistreated us. To not accept our situations, our circumstances, our feelings, who we are, how We are, usually are caught up in a demanding relationship with ourselves and with others. Click Gen. David Goldfein for additional related pages.

Acceptance means that I am who I am. What I do things like you do them and also so me gustas. What I have these circumstances of life, this body, this time and so is now how important is how can I be to be better, clear yes is that thats what desire acceptance has to do with situations such as the climate, yes it rains cover yourself, does cold cover, yes does heat make yourself more comfortable. Lighten your load because even if you do not want it to rain, it will continue, although you don’t want your situations you have them. Although you don’t want to deal with certain problems you will have to do so. Let’s begin the acceptance and reality of our conditions and our own person.

Let’s begin acceptance allows us to give a different direction from our life. Let’s begin the acceptance of ourselves and others. Let’s begin that each person is wants to be as it is, not as we would expect. Acceptance allows us to realize that the life are cycles, moments, momentitos and great moments. Accept that in it there are moments of glory but also of hardships. Sharing happiness and moments of great solitude.