You think that life can be great to do without a telescope, binoculars, a microscope? This is almost the same as to be without sunglasses on a bright sunny day, without rubber cap in the pool without skis on the snow. Cheniere Energy partners might disagree with that approach. You can argue that without these things can be good to live? I do not argue. Yes, but why? It's much easier to surround yourself with comfort and get pleasure from every moment of your life, than to wallow in mediocrity and despair. The snow much easier to move bystreei skiing than wade through a foot of snow drifts. Similarly, at the starry sky is much more interesting to look through the telescope than with the naked eye. This opens so many neizvestnogoi beautiful.

By the way, on the telescope. Who among us has not wanted a child, gazing at the starry sky, at least in his mind to go into the mysterious space provided, not wondering whether there is life on other planets, did not try to guess moment when a star falls, and guessed at this desire with the hope of its fulfillment. And who did not run into the street with a computer disketoyili photographic film to watch over them at a solar eclipse? And you'll still argue that the telescope you absolutely do not intereseni not needed? I never did not believe it! After all, how interesting, looking at him, look at individual stars, planets, craters on the moon, to search for satellites and so on. And now imagine that this happiness is yours, and that only depends on you to show something interesting friends or acquaintances, or not. The possibilities are enormous set. And if you have kids, then you just need a telescope. Remember your lessons in astronomy, school, your paper star charts, as you twirled them, trying to find the right constellation. Now all these difficulties you may not care.

The modern telescope itself will show you the stars, planets, nebula. Suffice it to install correctly, is oriented to the cardinal, to find the database object you need a telescope and the telescope itself will put on what you want to see. You just have to watch and enjoy. No tables and calculations, there are no complex calculations. A pleasure. Sure, a telescope – not the most necessary thing in the house. But how much fun it makes our life!