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Car Free Day

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Climate warming promises benefits for the Russian Agriculture World Bank published a report on the status and prospects of the global socio-economic development during the climate change on the planet. The authors of the report note that in countries' in the middle and high latitudes', air temperature rise by 1-3 degrees in combination with high rainfall and a better saturation of soil carbon can have a 'small positive impact 'on crop yields. Benefit due to climate warming may such post-Soviet countries such as Russia, and Ukraine. However, the wb experts are not convinced that these countries can supposedly more fully take advantage of opportunities. The reason – insufficient development of agriculture in these countries. For example, in these countries was derived from the turnover of more than 23 million hectares of irrigated land in Ukraine and , grain yields have declined since 1991, while Russia is only slightly increased.

Thus, to benefit from global warming, Russia will hold a series of reforms in agriculture. Everything other matters the study's authors warn that climate change poses' extreme weather events', which can completely nullify the 'improvement in average conditions. " Action 'Day without cars' took place in the Belgian capital The eighth time in the Belgian capital Rally 'Car Free Day'. Sept. 20 from 9 am to 7 pm, the authorities of Brussels banned in 160 square kilometers of the capital movement on motor vehicles and motorcycles. Campaign aims bryusseltsy to think about the possibility of 'environmentally friendly' travel around the city without harming the environment.