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Classification And Identification Of Motor Vehicles

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Automotive vehicles (ATS) are divided into freight, passenger, special, and also – for travel, designed for use on roads shared network to off road, for use outside total road network. The cargo road transport vehicles (rolling stock) are trucks, tractors, trailers and trailer-dissolution. For passenger vehicles – buses, cars, passenger trailers. The special – vehicles for the production of a certain type of work fire trucks, cranes, cleaning cars, shop trailer, garbage trucks, cars equipped with different settings, etc. This handbook deals only with goods and certain specific exchanges. Trucks and tractors differ in engine type, body type and total mass, trailers – for loading height, the length of the loading platform and the total mass. Cars-tractors are designed for continuous operation with a trailer or semi-trailers and are divided into units (or side) for Work with trailers and tractors to work with semi-trailers. To increase the coupling weight can be applied to the ballast (ballast tractors).

Trailer called the vehicle is not equipped with motor and designed to travel as part of the towing vehicle. Trailer and trailer-towing vehicle connected to the dissolution of the trailer coupling, transmitting traction (push) and control efforts, which result from the interaction train links. Semitrailer is connected to the tractor fifth wheel (SSA), the transmitting traction and control efforts, and perceiving the vertical force from the mass of the trailer. Trailers and semitrailers, satisfy the requirements of state and industry standards, and norms of the transport legislation referred to as trailing vehicles for general use.

Five Series

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The car went on sale in 1988. bmw Five were released at once universal and sedans. Regardless of age, these models bmw is still nothing to look better than new cars, their style is modern and up to now. That As for corrosion, you simply will not find it, because all done just perfectly, even on older models, no rust. This model of bmw can be praised without stopping, apparently did that over the bmw 5 Series E34 worked for her.

High series E34, and if necessary you can use a range of adjustments. The rear seat is roomy, it can accommodate three passengers, but still it is desirable to travel back together. Suspension can be considered moderately rigid, although it can easily cope with irregularities. On prolonged cornering the bmw 5 Series E34 almost lurches, it allows no discharge rate. bmw 5 Series E34 equipped with a large selection of bells and whistles, you can easily pick up the necessary your car.

Power Insurance

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The director, I spent about an hour and finally its zae gave up his car on the finishing touch, the production works only in my presence. More or less made my car. Lost year 3 of life spent on the nerves. I work as an engineer and concrete action projects and always doing my job to the maximum. If the customer something to offend, I apologize 10 times, invited him as soon as possible to eliminate the defect and always at his own school of offering bonuses. These clients turn to me again and again. One of my friend Professor pogavarival: Do good work and always will be! In-service staff see someone has told the opposition of truth. All ts took place during, running a car produces in a super delicate cycle.

Also on the "obyazalovke was held TO-0. When buying was too lazy to go to the traffic police and to register the car, so I decided to put this golovnyak to have service that I announced for this service is 15,000, saying the purchase of insurance comprehensive insurance for 1 day, an engineer, etc. Upon receipt of a car driving mode has been included Power, although the showroom manager for long and persistently assured me not to include this mode during a run, and then there can be problems with the engine. And when he saw the manager mode is Power, imperceptibly it immediately shuts down. Later I learned that no additional insurance no one is buying, and staging at accounting is as follows: put , which has outlets in the sai, which on your car to because, at best scenario, the car put on the record – it's 2:00, and the more cars he will deliver, the more money you earn.