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Design – Winter Garden

Published / by Syd

Winter Garden, properly located and equipped – this is a very difficult task for any fitodizaynera. Features co-location of plants, a special microclimate, certain conditions to live and bloom plants, not to mention the aesthetic component – a winter garden must combine it all on the same area. Winter Garden is a neighboring plants of different heights, different species, gathered in a single composition, decorating the room. Winter Garden also includes decorative elements – water space – a stream or river, waterfall or fountain. Lighting, and even special sound effects – a winter garden may include that, too. And in the Indeed, imagine that by logging into your conservatory, you hear birds singing. This sound effect is achieved by placing in the winter garden of special devices with sound, which imitates birdsong. Although the winter garden can be equipped and cells for real, live birds.

In short, everything – on your choice! Winter Garden – is not just gardening and ornamental plants. This chic phytodesign true planned and picked up a separate premises or part of premises where competently placed potted plants and everything that touches them. Winter Garden, you can enjoy perfectly "natural" feelings. Winter Garden – a lake and fountains, waterfalls and streams, and decorative objects – for example, the wall, simulating a rock. Winter Garden often has additional equipment: fitolampy that support the ornamental plants in the low-lit room, the backlight artificial fog – the plants feel great, and landscaping transforms your home or office. Studio phyto "GrinInterior" will plan for you a beautiful winter garden, which is in the office, apartment, house will remind nature every day! Winter Garden – a piece of summer in an apartment, office, country house at any time of year.