Stranger Beauty

The morning appears as in first a small ritual. That one that reaches the height of its beauty when the proper sun of to the day the image that it discovers in the simple fact not to exist plus an excuse that can invent, not to offer its personal push to the day that is almost for being born. In those walls it smells the revenge! The door travels of tip the tip in a lighted melody in the beauty that can exist in hearing oxidated hinges. Each piece of sound shows the insolent one how much it is enough, to offer those moments where of inexplicable form we feel the vigor of a chill, as if we fossemos rescued to the lethargy of a moment and launched of new in the chaos of the reality. A dense cloud badly emerges of half dozen of euros expenses in quality tobacco doubtful. It also hides approximately half dozen of calculated and badly lost memories; in a hall that if waits, either only already more than exit. For moments, pulled out to the existence dived in a inebriante passivity, Patrician Euclides, leads back the frequency of never more. Learn more at this site: LA Mayor. It discovers each imposed word it is not known very well when and it finds each direction as a forceful decision, pretendingly and extremely correcta.

Of new the hall, that is also entered. It precedes what if it can call room. A table, the chair that almost pathetically supports back heavy of the Patrician and a counted set of ten of papers badly scratched out, to dissimulate a soil. Stranger beauty this, the one that can exist in a place, that already treated the nastiness for another more usual name. Euclides patrician teima in discovering the room. He discloses the speeds that its eyes green cantaloups lose in contemplation. As if one any old and badly cheirosa goblet, a cheap French crystal imitation, could pull out of the penumbra an empty half bottle and the remaining space that if obtains to invent to dream folloied the trip of that oxigenada solution.