Spirituality Education

SCIENTIFIC BASE in the book holistic education is the theme of the three main influences of schools holistas, one of these refers to the new science. Explains that, facing the new century, there are a number of scientific contributions, as the theories of relativity and the quantum theory of chaos, as well as others, that refute convincingly the vision of Newton and Descartes, allowing us to transcend fragmented, thinking reductionist and dualist for these philosophers that more have influenced the way of interpreting the reality of the mechanistic paradigm. SPIRITUAL basis it could be said that in all the books is the aspect of the spiritual basis of holistic education, however, is given more emphasis on the spirit of education, learning to be, education and Spirituality, and above all, spiritual intelligence. By where see you, we find that spirituality is holistic education center; There can be no education without spirituality, and the central purpose, the evolution of consciousness, may not be achieved. Only through spirituality, it is possible to transcend the inadequacies of the religious paradigm and of the scientific paradigm. Here has a predominant spiritual intelligence, through which it is possible to overcome the limits of faith and reason.

The respect, of new account, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between religion and spirituality. Conclusion I believe that the work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos in these twelve books is a great piece that will withstand enough the entire weight of this new century holistic education. It is a very respectable work by being prepared with all rigor and livelihoods both philosophical as scientific, epistemological and, above all, spiritually. Review these books for me has been highly comforting and very encouraging because it makes me hope for a better world in which we can dignify the life. Only have to assume our responsibility to work toward the evolution of consciousness and be capable of assuming our commitment as citizens of the universe where all are one. Bibliography Gallegos Nava Ramon, dialogues Holistas.

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