Sergio Freitas

One also remembers that they had crossed its way and is thankful. I desire that you understand that since our birth we are in an day that passes for some stages. Sergio Cortella teaches to the Brazilian philosopher Mario who who is born soon is the stove, the house the car or the refrigerator and that later it goes if spending, aging. We in the truth, as people and loved children of God, ‘ ‘ we are in fazendo’ ‘ to each day, therefore we are not born ready. This wants to say that today we are our new version. The time, that can be measured by as, minute, hour, day, month or year, for example, is only one way to organize our life and to reflect as we are in it following.

If we arrive until here means to say that we can go still more far. It thanks to the God for everything and congratulations for its victory. To serve in the meeting of its community at some moment can have been difficult. God only knows as he was complicated to accept that order or task of its coordinator. Much interior force was necessary to take care of to the invitation for a beneficient meeting in that cold night of winter. Without speaking of how much a received offence cost that pardon after. But it was fact, and this is what it matters. This does not mean to say that our day is always a martyrdom.

Clearly that not. These examples only mean that, as any human being, we pass for moments of more and little force and enthusiasm. Important it is that of a skill or another one, WE ARRIVE. Celebrated the victory, it is prepared for the tests that will come in the next year. It has since already the disposal that to continue firm. If you walk, you desire to press the step more a little in direction to the things of God. If already he is in this level, trot and thus he will be with that they have more haste to be growing in the faith. At last, if to desire, opts to the race, that means that the soul asks for more and more than the presence and of the heart Mr. Each one has its rhythm. Important it is to look at for front to perseverar. This is the desire of travelling Gods while will be here. ‘ ‘ However, whichever the degree the one that we arrive, what it matters is to continue decididamente’ ‘ (Fl 3, 16) They are with God and I wait to find it for the way in the next year.