San Francisco

The South region is the one that presents the lesser number of imperfections. From the analysis of topographical and geologic maps, it is verified that the Northeast is the region that more suffers with seismic abalos. As the point of bigger index of seismic abalos in Brazil is the Acre. Exactly who deferred payment in other regions does not have if to feel immune to this natural phenomenon.

Although great part of the Brazilian sismos is of small magnitude, history has shown that, exactly in calm regions great earthquakes can happen. 7 MINAS GERAIS TREMBLED With the aid of the neotectnico map of Brazil, can see that the State of Minas Gerais is cut by diverse geologic imperfections: BR24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and BR47. It calls the attention to imperfection BR47, located in the north of the situated State and to the left edge of the river San Francisco, accurately below of the city of Itacarambi, where in 9 of December of 2007 one of the biggest tremors registered in Brazil occurred. I shake it knocked down 76 houses, it condemned several others and it took the death a child, the first victim of earthquakes of our history. This tremor of intensity of 4,9 degrees in the Richter scale, does not have a definitive explanation, but it is probable that the .causing agent is the geologic imperfection located the five kilometers below of the surface. 7 CONCLUSION the earthquakes had always existed and always they will go to exist. A formula does not exist to contain them, fits we to know to coexist and to deal with this phenomenon of the nature. We know, for example, that an earthquake can cause: vibration of the ground, opening of imperfections, land landslide, tsunamis and until the change in the rotation of the Land.

The important one is to know what to make in case of earthquakes, here it is some tips: when it will be in the streets tries to move away from wires high-voltage and poles; it does not use elevators, you it can be imprisoned and it is not rare the fire cases in earthquakes; if it will be inside of house, it is protected underneath of a table and looks for to leave fastest possible for an open place; one moves away from walls and building; most important it is not to enter in panic. To try to act with the cold head and always looks an open place.