Russian Federation

This article I decided to write, seeing as the Internet is replete with advertisements for the sale of domains of the Russian Federation. This theme is relevant as never before, because on November 11 launched an open registration of domains in the Russian Federation. To date, rush around the domain of the Russian Federation has died down, but prices still continue to amaze. Source: Unifor. The maximum price I saw – 560 rubles. For those who can afford such a price for the domain in the zone of the Russian Federation – my respect.

I appeal to those who are not accustomed overpay – I have good news for you – the domain in the zone of Russia can be bought for 99 rubles. True, the Coordinating Council has imposed some restrictions on the first year of open enrollment. The first limitation is the fact that register a domain name in the zone of the Russian Federation may only residents of the Russian Federation (the civilians that are registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, legal entities registered in accordance with Russian legislation and foreign legal persons having a separate division within the Russian Federation). A second limitation is that the right to administer domains registered in the first year of open registration, or rather to 11.11.2010 till 10.11.2011 inclusive, can not be transferred to another person within one year from the date of registration of the domain name. Also worth mentioning about the requirements for the rf domain: — minimum length of a domain name – two characters; — maximum length – 63 characters; — domain name must begin and end with a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet or numeral; — as intermediate characters are allowed to use numbers or hyphens; — forbidden use a mixture of characters of different alphabets, ie, Domain names in the zone can not contain Latin characters.