Roman Emperor Tiberius

It is an important historical site for Christians and for Jews. In 17-22 AD Herod's Antippa founded the city, which he named in honor of his patron, Roman Emperor Tiberius. In the second, tenth centuries Tiberias was the largest Jewish city in the Galilee, political and religious center and a center of Jewish spiritual creativity. A few years after its founding city, about a 30th of our era, the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee was the center of Jesus Christ and his followers. It was there that there were many famous miracles, including walking on water. With the development of Christianity in Tiberias its suburbs were built many churches. Throughout its history, always Tiberias was inhabited. There are well-preserved buildings and ruins belonging to different historical epochs.

In the Old City, built up in time of the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire, you can see sights such as El-Daher Amar – the fortress of the 18th century, a Jewish ritual bath water for, the remains of city walls of black basalt and Church of St. Peter. The modern church was built on the ruins of the Crusader church. One nave and narrow little windows make it look like an inverted ship's hull. The church is decorated with symbols of the four Gospels and the phrase of Jesus to Peter: "Feed my lambs." On the stained glass windows depict fish and holy, and in the back yard is a copy of the statue of Peter the Great, brought from Rome in 1833. Behind the walls of the Old City there are plenty of churches.

In the modest basalt Church of Scotland, or in a lush garden sometimes hosts concerts. The church was founded by Dr. David Watt Torrance, through whom also appeared in Tiberias, the first hospital. On the contrary – Scottish hotel where Christian pilgrims stop. And at the southern end of the promenade are a Greek Orthodox church and monastery with three prayer houses and a wall of icons. The nearby Mount Berenice offers stunning view of the neighborhood. There is also the impressive ruins of Anchor Church, named after the heavy anchor found at the center of the stone altar. No less famous Mount Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his famous Sermon on the Mount. It was here that Jesus chose 12 apostles. To the north of Tiberias, near the Sea of Galilee, the complex is located YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) with a small church. Hence, a magnificent panorama of the Sea of Galilee. The complex also has a lovely private beach and guest rooms. South of Tiberias is Yardenit – according to Christian tradition, there is the baptism of Jesus took place. Thousands of believers come here to plunge into the water. In addition to the Christian holy places in Tiberias many graves of Jewish sages, making it one of the holy cities in Israel. Pilgrims flock to the graves of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Yochanan ben and forswear the great philosopher and sage Maimonides (Rambam). Many come to pray at his grave and ask them to grant a spouse, children, food source. Thanks to the beauties of nature, pastoral beaches, many attractions and different types of Tiberias recreation all year round attracts many tourists.