Registry System

What today are witnessing an anonymous Internet – spam, ubiquitous advertising, lousy search our content, etc. Details can be found by clicking Sean Rad or emailing the administrator. costs large volume of information, secrecy and lack of responsibility of the authors. SISZHL will introduce powerful software system machines, replacing the thousands of officials, clerks and accountants, which will reduce corruption and red tape. Any large database administrator knows that the major bugs and glitches in the system provides the “human factor – the inept hands.” Principle – data entry only there – where they arise should be fundamental SISZHL. Born a man gave the name entered on the Register of Population, issued IL – nobody in the right type “crooked pens” of his name when entering into another document. Just reading with silt and checking with the Registry.

Otherwise, mistakes and mess of twins, and that today is going to tax, insurance, pension and other major bases of the country. Updating and verification of databases in most automated systems, where the foundation – Name people who become super-problem, discredits the automation system. Man has learned to shift their responsibility and inability to computer ochelovechivaya it. Therefore need constant training “experts” and the entire population of the new possibilities of ICT. Not on a computer vseobuch computer science in 2000 and trained in the use of elements SISZHL tomorrow’s daily life. How to pay for travel, goods and services on plastic passport with a chip, how to order tickets and various products such as distance learning and work as remotely communicate with state officials, etc.