Quantum Drive

The speed of new models of 3Mb / s (without compression, with compression, respectively, 6 Mb / s), that's still not a lot for such a capacity. Modern streamers dat have addition to the standard scsi, multiple interfaces, such as dat 24 tape drives (DDS-3: 12-24Gb), dat 40 (DDS-4: 20-40Gb), can be equipped with interface of usb, as in the domestic and external performance and dat 40 is equipped with scsi sca 80 pin to be installed in some servers the company Hewlett-Packard. In currently leads this generation produced by Sony (next year the company plans to launch the next generation tape) dat 72 (36-72Gb) than scsi may have a usb interface both internally and in external units, as well as an interface scsi sca 80 pin to install some server companies Hewlett-Packard. Can be installed directly into a server and a 1U rackmount enclosure as scsi, and usb. dat 72 tape drives (36-72Gb) of Quantum may also have an internal sata ii interface and external eSATA. Based on the dat tape drives 72 (36-72Gb) issued autoloaders on 6 cassettes revolving type and autoloaders in 10 cassettes with two stationary stores and drive, and feeding robot, which greatly increased the speed and reliability. Installation of two stores added scalability avtolouderu as stores of cartridges can be changed one at a time without stopping the operation of the autoloader.

DAT-ctrimery available in two sizes – 3.5 "and 5.25" half- height. With a low cost of both the streamer and the carrier, it gives the format dat additional benefits for use in small and medium business. A low power consumption and size allows their use in all areas of the it industry. Finally, to date, older model Hewlett-Packard and Quantum dat 160 tape drive (80-160Gb). Device dat 160 format allows you to record up to 160 gb of compressed data per tape (or 80 gb uncompressed), while the recording speed is approximately 50 gb / hr Thus write data to media takes about 3 hours. The new drive comes in 4 versions placement – internal, external, modular or rack-polke.Lentochny dat 160 drive is fully backwards-compatible with tapes for streamers dat 72 and dat 40. An important special feature is the support function of write-once (WORM – Write Once, Read Many). It should be emphasized that the new drive has all the possible interfaces: scsi, usb, and even sas. Roadmap format, dat / dds In conclusion I would like to note that the format of secured its right to existence, overcome temporary difficulties associated with the physical and technological limitations on the thickness of the tapes and the reliability of its tear and iznostooykost, the emergence of new magnetic materials made it possible to develop a format and on and in the near future be possible to release DDS7 160/320 gb.