Project Pedagogical Politician

The interaction of the excessively employee professors and is primordial so that the educational work perpetuates and prospers. It would be interesting if school could invite some parents to participate of this process, therefore the envolvement of the community fortifies the pertaining to school bond and favors the learning. The pertaining to school calendar also can gain space in these meetings and the professors must be part of the decisions on dates of parties, meetings of parents and masters, advice of classroom and series, dates of note delivery, holidays, bridges and Saturdays where if she must work, among others information contained in this document, that will be homologated by the supervision and regional controller. This action makes with that the team works with transparency and commitment, therefore does not feel that the decisions are imposed, but yes debated democratically, preventing confrontations during the year. The professor values such actions, therefore it needs to display its points of view in way if to feel object of the educative process of the institution where leciona. The norms of convivncia and the revision and elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician (Managing Plan) also must have space in Planning, therefore will guide the work of the school through goals and objectives that will have to be searched by all the professionals. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jack Fusco. To evaluate if goals of previous years they had been reached, its reasons of failures and triumphs are important for the suppression of obstacles for the year that if it initiates. The meetings of Planning must possess a serious character, therefore they will be the first image of the pedagogical process of the institution and will be remembered during all the school year. Being beneficial, it will bring benefits during the 200 days, having been wasted will be able to make the team to lose the credibility in the managers..