Power Insurance

The director, I spent about an hour and finally its zae gave up his car on the finishing touch, the production works only in my presence. More or less made my car. Lost year 3 of life spent on the nerves. I work as an engineer and concrete action projects and always doing my job to the maximum. If the customer something to offend, I apologize 10 times, invited him as soon as possible to eliminate the defect and always at his own school of offering bonuses. These clients turn to me again and again. One of my friend Professor pogavarival: Do good work and always will be! In-service staff see someone has told the opposition of truth. All ts took place during, running a car produces in a super delicate cycle.

Also on the "obyazalovke was held TO-0. When buying was too lazy to go to the traffic police and to register the car, so I decided to put this golovnyak to have service that I announced for this service is 15,000, saying the purchase of insurance comprehensive insurance for 1 day, an engineer, etc. Upon receipt of a car driving mode has been included Power, although the showroom manager for long and persistently assured me not to include this mode during a run, and then there can be problems with the engine. And when he saw the manager mode is Power, imperceptibly it immediately shuts down. Later I learned that no additional insurance no one is buying, and staging at accounting is as follows: put , which has outlets in the sai, which on your car to because, at best scenario, the car put on the record – it's 2:00, and the more cars he will deliver, the more money you earn.