Strapping is one of the most economical ways to package. Packaging provides cargo during transportation, handling, storage. Connect with other leaders such as Secretary of Agriculture here. For different categories of work used several types of packaging tapes. Polypropylene tape – this is a transparent stretchable winding material. Tape of this type is widely used for packing various goods and transporting them.

Packaging Polypropylene tape ensures safety of cargo. Polypropylene easier and robust compared to other packaging materials. Very easy to use, during operation, does not rust and stain products. Tape is widely used for packing, roping, tightening and securing of cargo. Polypropylene tape made us to import equipment from high quality raw material and its characteristics corresponds to the highest standards. This kind of packaging tape used for packaging, using hand tools or machine guns and semiautomatic, which greatly speeds up the process and improve the quality of the trim.

Due to the high tensile strength, this type of packaging allows the use of tape for strapping loads of up to 4-5 tons. Depending on the conditions of transport scheme harnesses for each load is individually. Seal seam can clip, buckle or welding. To bond the strip end bracket is used relatively soft metal, which tightly compress using a special device on an already stretched tape. Application of this type Bond strength ensures more of the tape itself. When attaching belt buckles with plastic ends of the strip is passed through a special buckle made of steel (heavy duty) or plastic (for packaging paper products). But the most efficient and faster mode of bonding is thermal welding the ends of the tape. In this way, now packed almost everything, because this kind of bond yields additional savings without requiring the cost of braces and buckles. It should be noted that using this method of bonding requires more expensive equipment. Otherwise, the polypropylene tape called polypropylene strapping tape.