Original System

It must rescue the North American leadership and guarantee the security of the nation. Another 11 of September would be fatal. However he knows that to obtain it he must reduce the protagonism of his government in the external conflicts. How to lapse the Monroe doctrine and not to run the risk of they accuse which you of Treasonous to the mother country? It would play being authentic but the fear crosses its body. It knows that cannot fail not one time, because it would destroy a public opinion moved by the economic interests related to the system that indeed sets out to fight.

The CHAVEZ prescription could be the indicated one but in this great nation that theory does not work. In order to add more problems and difficulties to him to the young President, it is the PUTIN leadership that fights to excel. Equal with SHOEMAKER and the woman who governs in Germany. It is called on now to stop thinking to him like candidate and assuming the driving of the ship. Back they were promises, the speeches, the theories. I arrive the hour to assume the roll, for which test often. I arrive and the hour here. Of the critic to the facts.

Its mandate will be observed by Latin of all the country and of the neighboring countries that see in him, a possibility of solving their situation of illegality to resident or citizen and who already is it, thinks like a North American anyone about their problem of access to the benefits of the system, that every time are less. It must make honor to the class more impoverished years in the last, without forgetting the hen of gold eggs. The afrodescendientes of the world must to this man a recognition to him: nothing is impossible when he is able and constant. After which it assumes and lives in whom from the semantic point of view she is racist WHITE CASA, from where he governs a BLACK, will be convinced that indeed the slavery died. The dream of the Dr. Luther KING was fulfilled. The challenge for him is to govern without being governed. From its taking of possession we will initiate a new judgment and because no to think, that Los Angeles of the sky also is of color.