Nicolas Notovitch

According to the manuscript published Nicolas Notovitch, he secretly left of parents house in Jerusalem and traveled to the East because their ideas were very different from those of its environment. It did so by the Silk Road with the idea of perfecting in the divine word. If this is so was clear that already at that time to the East he considered it is more mystical and spiritual, in order to study the great laws of the Buddha. He spent six years learning and teaching at Juggernsut, Rajagriha, Benares and other holy cities. Enter in conflict with the priestly caste of Brahmins and the castrillas by teach the Scriptures. The Brahmins and the castrillas had monopolized the religion and gave order of not allowing the Plebs to intervene in religious festivities.

Issa, rather than obey brahmans preached against them. Cognizant caste priestly they planned to kill Issa. As sudras received his teachings and knowing what they planned to warn the master and at night escaped from Juggernaut toward the foot of the Himalayas, in southern Nepal, in an area in which for five centuries had been born Gautama Buda. After six years of teaching he left Tibet back to the Palestine at the age of 29. We noticed his tendency of helping the weaker both in Tibet and in Jerusalem where after maneuvers by the Roman Pilate made to kill him to Jesus on the cross as an animator rebellious of street fights against the Roman Empire.