News Of The Day, Or That Which, When

To date news on-line publications are serious competitors to traditional publications, printed, as evidenced by the research of sociologists and marketers. Depending on the situation, this method giving information to the reader who is looking for different kinds of informative publications, or just news of the day, is often more convenient and even more than usual. But subscribers to the regular printed publications is a kind of advantage over users of the Internet: they are shielded from intrusive, useless, devoid of semantic load information from an outdated and irrelevant information, the information purely promotional. According to statistics Yandex, which has become a kind of chief editor of the online – the media, the number of sites Runet approaching 16 million, accounting for about 7% of the global Internet, while 88% of informative content focuses only on a percentage sites. In addition, often not taken into account one of the main principles of interaction with the target audience news publication: to really be interested, to keep the visitor, a news release should carry answers are not clever, it seemed, the questions: who, what, what, “when” and “why” “where”.

Countless news releases are responsible only to the question “what” and occasionally “when” and “where”, and the question of “why” and “why” few people given, thus reducing to zero the value of informative news. The question “why” for it – online edition is twofold: on the one hand, he fully discloses the essence of news, information becomes a complete and concise. On the other hand, the answer to the question “why” defines the informational value and appropriateness of placement of the material for the target audience of the site: Suppose I wonder whether the person seeking environmental science news, a detailed description of the development prospects of this branch of science, or detailed, but a lengthy, intended for only a specialist in this area, a description of any discovery. But ultimately, the reader will determine and value, and the degree of meaning, based only on personal preference, despite all attempts depersonalized it, assign to the role of the average layman, despite statistics and analysis of search engines. The reader who is not interested, that is before him – the news portal, a small site or blog and are interested in a new, credible, comprehensive and original information about the news of the day today, the world in all its diversity.