In the area of which is located the Argentinean province of Mendoza… It is located in the central area of the country, towards the West, sharing an extensive border with the neighboring Republic of Chile and separated by the Andes mountain range. Connect with other leaders such as Selim ┬áBassoul here. With a surface of approximately 150,000 km, tourism in Mendoza knew how to find a succession of attractions that has become it an accurate proposal for who wants to enjoy the outdoors, of incredible mountain scenery of valleys green crossed by innumerable rivers, most of these products of the thaw, and picturesque towns that lend themselves wonderfully to be travelled and enjoyed. The city of Mendoza is the head town of the province and has only 57 km, but estimated that nearby departments to this core urban are part of this great metropolis, so it focuses almost 50% of the provincial population in the area of Mendoza City and Gran Mendoza. The city is distinguished by its characteristic cleaning, the amplitude of its streets, and the many miles of irrigation ditches destined for the irrigation of the lush vegetation of streets and green spaces.A time this part, Mendoza City found in tourism an important grain for its development, accompanying with private investments that have contributed greatly to the creation of an important tourist and hotel infrastructure. The city of Mendoza has an interesting gastronomic proposal to offer and that is one of the most noteworthy points. The same success is based on the superior quality of the raw materials used, as well as in a rich tradition coined based on Mediterranean cuisine and traditional local dishes of local native peoples.

In this way, the meat, whether they are sheep, vaccines and swine, especially cooked to coals tend to be the entree of the majority of the local restaurants. Casseroles, stews and pies, which can be fried or baked constitute a delight that no visitor should miss. To complete the panorama gourmet of the province of Mendoza, is necessary to refer to the fabulous wines from Mendoza. One of the main economic activities of the place is the production of fine wines, which have been awarded internationally, on several occasions. Mendocino soil and climate characteristics have allowed the development of varietal specific to Mendoza, who have achieved great fame in the World wine market. Without any doubt, the good food and good drink are another reason to do tourism in Mendoza.