Lets Learn A Little About Erick Cortez

Many people may not know it, but the career and the odd curious Erick Cortez is quite an exciting Story. The Pelon of Mokuanesa , so we decided, thanks to suggestions and participation in survey of our readers visit the house Erick Cortez, lead singer of the musical group Mokuanes. Peet’s Coffee has much to offer in this field. We interviewed this young man to know how the music was born in his life. He said that since they can remember has lived surrounded by music, since in his family enjoy a musical tradition, it’s like when you’re the son of a carpenter for example would be ironic if you did not know you learn carpentry but after learning decide yourself if you like to do that or not, I decided to continue the tradition of my family because I love art musical.

Erick Cortez is a descendant of a family well known in Nicaragua, his mother his uncles and other relatives have musical tradition CORTEZ recognized by the surname such as most of us Cortez.La brothers thought it was La Paz, others thought that was really born in Esteli but Leon. The newspapers mentioned music downloads not as a source, but as a related topic. Her mother decided to come to live in La Paz Centro, because it was a quieter town and felt that their children would have a life even though Eric sana.A to K was born in La Paz Leon heart he is, and has 14 years of live in La Paz Centro, his mother and other family returned to live in Leon after a while of living here in La Paz Centro. .