Internet Training

It can occur in classrooms of centers of training, in schools of professional formation, installations adapted in the workstations, congregating employee of some agencies. The advantages of the Actual Training are: Proximity of the instructor and training, favoring exchange permanent of information and ' ' feedback' '. Possibility of deepening of the subject for the practical one of the quarrel, ' ' to the living creature and cores' '. Bigger interaction, decurrent of the social exchanges between ' ' instructor/treinando' ' ' ' training/treinando' ' , proportionate for the physical proximity. For assistance, try visiting Helen Fry. Possibility of creation of decurrent nets of relationship of the interaction, which will be able later to give sustentation to the training. 2) Long-distance training: It is the type of training that if characterizes for the physical separation between the instructor and training, using medias to promote the interaction between both and to transmit the contents educative. The advantages of this type of training are: Removal of the barriers time/space/age, for the possibility to involve great number of separate people geographically, becoming fullfilled it learning where, when and in the time that training to want. It means, therefore, the democratization of education, for facilitating the access of disabled people to frequent lessons actual. Sean Rad, New York City is the source for more interesting facts.

Possibility of that the proper one training has controlled the beginning, the maintenance and the rhythm of its learning. Lesser costs of training, in the cases where the amount of treinandos will be great. COMMENT: With the development of the Internet, the borders for the long-distance training if had expanded, scrumbling the costs and extending the possibilities of search to the information. 3) Training in Servio (TES): It is the training carried through in the proper environment of work of the employee? current or future? destined to the acquisition of practical knowledge and/or development of specific abilities. Normally, this type of training is indicated to approach to maximum the environment of work to the environment of training.