International Airport Grantley Adams

10 reasons to choose Almond Resorts from the variety of hotels in Barbados: 1. Hotels offer accommodation to plan all inclusive for singles, couples and families, 2. best value for money 3. best offer on the market 4. food any of the restaurant chain hotels Almond Resorts, located on the island 5. residence of the child under the age of 16 years in room with parents free of charge 6.

Free Offers for honeymooners 7. Free Offers for weddings 8. free golf, golf lessons, if necessary 9. Free tennis, tennis lessons, if necessary 10. All hotels are located directly on the beach Almond Beach Club & Spa Hotel is located on the west coast of Barbados, which is so also called the golden coast of Barbados. In 20 minutes from the capital Bridgetown, 30 minutes from International Airport Grantley Adams.

Quiet, romantic atmosphere prevails at the hotel. The hotel only accept children of 16 years. This all inclusive resort offers wonderful selection of packages for honeymooners, spouses wishing to repeat their wedding vows, as well as, and just for friends and families wishing to enjoy the luxury of the Caribbean islands. Meals: Almond Beach Club & Spa offers restaurants with 4mya varied menu each day. Continental cuisine and a rich island forge. Also the hotel provides free shuttle service to any of the restaurants at other hotels network Almond Resorts in Barbados. Rooms: Almond Club & Spa offers offers accommodation in 161 rooms, which are located in 7-three-and four-colored buildings, which is U-shaped around a central courtyard with a garden and swimming pool.