Healthy Skin

The local water contains nutrients and minerals, perfectly useful for the skin. Under most conditions Debbie Staggs would agree. Kashan Terme is surrounded by picturesque hills of Pisa with a scattering of small medieval towns, storing century history of these places. The region also boasts great food and wine. Another world-famous thermal resort is Abano Terme, which stretches into the heart of the Veneto region. Abano Terme – one of the best and oldest thermal spas in Europe, one of the world's largest mud-bath complexes.

Amazing properties of local mud became known outside Italy. The resort is famous its procedures and mud balneotherapy, which constitute an alternative to classical medical methods of treatment, and have virtually no side effects. The procedure consists in the daily mud applied to the body healing thermal mud, consisting of clay, the thermal water and micro algae. Indications for the treatment of local mud a lot, but even a perfectly healthy person feels a tremendous burst of energy after the first procedure and the obvious cosmetic effect. The thermal water of Abano Terme originates in the alpine foothills of environmentally friendly, and seeping through the rock, reaching a depth of several thousand meters. In During its passage under the earth, the water is exposed to high temperature and pressure, enriched with minerals and then goes to the surface at a temperature of 85-87 C. The thermal water is classified as hyperthermal iodine bromine salt water that has no analogues in the world, and after cooling sootvetstvueschego widely used in hydrotherapy: thermal bath ozone, thermal pools, Kneipp foot baths, thermal cave, inhalations and sprays.