Hand Maid

There you will find something unusual! On Hand Maid want to draw Special note: here you can find everything: clothes for the beloved dog lady oligarch costumes for a fun party, delightful toys for the kid indifferent to the works of the masters will not remain one! And yet, Take it and do something with their hands! Teach or poem in the end. Try to take away his mobile phone tycoon and bring a friend to nature, to go skiing or fishing. Can be with my friends – even cooler be. This gift he will not forget for a long time! And if you oligarch very good friend of mine – give it a paradise on earth. Where there is an unearthly peace and quiet? Where the owner, like Pithecanthropus in prehistoric times, may merge with nature into a coherent whole? Where the only sounds the blessed and peaceful music of the surf, and eye pleasing evergreen tropical plants? Give the island! Not all the earth-mother sold out – there are still and Your friend. More? Let's.

Give the Bible! If you want – a gilded-diamond design. Useful book. However in that book – a gift – a long time nobody doubts. You can not give the newest book, published specially for VIP-persons limited edition, and the oldest. How is it? Here's how: ask your mom or sister's friend, what book he read in childhood, in the evening after a kindergarten before going to bed. Find this bibliographic rarity of second-hand bookshop and give him a memory of childhood. Give something to the symbolism of money – they say it brings good luck.

For example, order a gilded hundred dollar bill and the story on a wall in his office! Can give even a horse, but would it be to put:) Still think about how to present a better package and present. A popular option today – "treasure hunt". Put the gift in a secluded place and draw a map! Let a little distracted and pobudet baby! Or arrange gifts around the house in prominent places: in the bathroom in his office, in the refrigerator, etc. and do not talk about them. And so step by step, he will find your surprises! In general, Read more than keen on your mogul and give courage – I think you will not regret it! But remember – the best gift – a genuine smile and a real friend's shoulder.