German Namibia

In our new series, we recommend you nice places and activities for your next holidays. From the point of view of individual tourism. Let today by us in the capital city of Namibia be. It goes to Windhoek. Here, African exotic mixed with German tradition, as nowhere else on our world. Basic information about the city of Windhoek and your surrounding area on 18 October 1890 founded by Curt von Francois, son of a Prussian general. After the first world war, the United Kingdom of England the German colony took over. The cityscape is also today still strongly marked by the German descendants.

Who speaks a little English, comes in for and reprove his German language quite well. The currency is the Namibia dollar. Windhoek is divided into 29 districts. The best known are Olympic, Klein Windhoek and e.g. Khomas. Population: about 400,000 inhabitants. Attractions > Christ Church.

> The equestrian statue. > The Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral, Windhoek, built 1908th > the gym, place where in the 1970s the constituent Conference of the gym took place. > The old brewery (old brewery), the former premises of Namibia breweries limited. > The ink Palace, as well as > the three castles of town Heinitzburg, Schwerin and Sander Castle. > Tukondjeni market, traditional arts and crafts from Namibia. The city of Windhoek is twinned with some other cities. For example, Berlin, Bremen, Wetzlar, Shanghai, Havana and Virginia. Should you now on the travel tastes be, or would you African set up, then we help of course. More of Norman Schlehr Jenors – shipping, trends from around the world