Freire Education

The author considers a model of education as practical of the respeitadora freedom and therefore of the man as person. In this conception, the knowledge cannot happen of a donation act that the educator makes to educating (he is what the author intitles of banking education, therefore is as if it was a deposit), but yes of a dialgica action of the educator with educating. To think and to act in this way assume a speech with the other, and not a speech for or for the other, has been broken of the estimated one of that all the pupils can be different and this is not impediment so that they learn. In the Pedagogia book of the Autonomy, Freire (1996) affirms that to teach it requires of the professor some to know, amongst them: respect knowing to them of the educandos, criticidade, rejection to any form of discrimination, critical reflection on the practical one, respect to the autonomy of the being of educating, apprehension of the reality, joy and hope, certainty of that the change is possible, to understand that the education is a form of intervention in the world. Moreover, I believe that the exchange of information between the professors and the courses of formation continued on the thematic one is basic to help to the practical professor and the interventions next to the pupils.

The collective pedagogical working hours (HTPC), so tiring and without meaning for the professors, can be a good moment so that this happens, is about a chance to change the experiences, to clarify the doubts and to know resources and didactics that had given resulted positive, even though to construct collectively material that will serve of support for the accomplishment of projects and lessons. We know well that a prescription manual or book does not exist and, the current reality lived for the professors with the crisis faced for the education becomes the arduous and difficult task, but never we must lose the enthusiasm and the hope. References: FREIRE, Pablo. Pedagogia of autonomy. To know necessary to practical the educative one.

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