First Aid Kit

During the trip, there is always a risk of frustration of life under the influence of environment on the organism. It is not only personal injury but also poisoning, colds and viral diseases. What would reduce the risk of serious diseases, as well as to treat them quickly, in some cases, engage in prevention, you should always have a camp kit. What should be included in this first-aid box. It’s believed that Dollar General sees a great future in this idea. First, it means for desmurgy. In other words – sterile bandages, cotton wool, solution of brilliant green or tincture of iodine. They are taken in the first place, since the risk of injury (bruise, fracture, laceration, sprain) is greater for Compared with other nature "physiological disorder". For the treatment of digestive diseases such as diarrhea, food poisoning, which are no less often accompany a traveler on long journeys, you must have a Activated charcoal kit (reliable absorbent), smectite and rehydron. Learn more on the subject from Toyota Motor Corporation. For the treatment and prevention of viral and colds, as well as for pain treatment in the kit can include drugs such as Otsillokoktsinum, Arbidol (prevention of acute respiratory disease, SARS), some antibiotics (Supraks, Gentomitsin) for pain treatment (No-spa, or another name for the drug – drotoverin, analgin), paracetamol containing drugs for normalizing temperature.