Erazem Lueguer

As if nature had been charged to make way for his own, at the entrance to a cave stands the Castle called Predjama. It is located in southwestern Slovenia, just 9 miles northwest of the town of Postojna. A 123-meter height above the surface, over a cliff, is one of the greatest attractions of Europe as concerns about castles. The cave in which it stands is known to Erazmova Jama. It has four levels and the deepest is covered by the river Lovka. The possibilities of access to the interior were complicated with which he went a very safe place for those who lived. Its architecture was remarkably adapted to the rock on which it was built.

The history and legends around is known and communicated to everyone in this land since it is part of popular culture. The origin dates back to 1202. In recent years, had in place another building which was replaced at the beginning of XVI century the castle refer here today. In the current era is the appearance that was conducted by Baron Philipp von Cobenzl. Also was the one who entered the Renaissance style can be seen over your limit in the rock. According to legendary voices narrate, a renowned thief with a Baron called Erazem Lueguer had a violent death at the premises of the castle. They lived an incredible siege by the same Emperor of Austria and was able to survive on food and other resources managed through other rocks. The baron had committed two serious attacks to the court.